Well, to have fun of course! But to do that, first you need to know the basic rule, which is to click as many numbers as possible faster than your oponent. For more details go to Help page.

I could, but then I'd have to kill you. Classic:P The system first tries to find a player close to your ranking. If it doesn't, then you get the first available player.
PS: If you just died, I'm not responsible, really:P

First of all, only registered players can enjoy ranked games. The idea is simple: winning increases your ranking; So, win as many times as possible, tie is ok too:P Ranking is disabled on (1) private rooms and (2) rematches, in order to avoid possible scams. Sorry.

Easy, just click on the 2nd icon of the main page, with the person having a "+" stuck next to him ():P Then you simply have to follow instructions attached on a pdf file of 100 pages, sign a contract, send me some blood sample, and if everying goes well, you'll receive an email that you need to see to activate your account. Please check also your spam, just in case...

That happens! Expand the "Options" () from main page, click "No" at "Play as guest" and then click the button with the locker icon (). If this is all too much for you, click here:P There, was it that bad?:P Oh, you will receive an email with instructions, something about dark magic and voodoo, the usual stuff. Please check also your spam too, just in case...again, the usual stuff:P

These are the files that are being deleted from your computer, while you are playing. No, I'm kidding:P Every round lasts about 3 seconds. This bar shows you exactly that. It makes sense because if you click a number just at that refresh moment, you may click nothing after all and loose energy point!

These points are essentially the clicks that you have left. Their intent is to limit you from spamming the game board. The point of the game is to click numbers remember?:P When the game starts, you have only 1 point. So, be careful what you click. Numbers above 5 give you energy, whilst lower numbers don't give you anything. However, cells without any number, remove energy. If you run out of energy, see next topic.

Well, energy is a hot topic nowadays, especially the so called "dark energy" which is one of the hottest Nobel prized questions of physics. Didn't you know that?:P
This energy though is something completely different. As explained on the above topic, it's basically the clicks that you have left. If you keep clicking empty cells, you run out of energy (clicks) and you'll probably experience a dreadful defeat. To avoid that, just keep clicking numbers.
In the unfortunate event of loosing all your energy points, just wait for the next 1-2 rounds and it will rejuvenate automatically. Beware: don't go crazy and start spamming the board game again, because as soon as you gain the rejuvenated energy point you may loose it immediately. Instead wait until the board is updated and then click a number (the higher the better). You have been warned.

Absolutely. It's also 100% low fat!

I'm sure you are wrong, that's not possible. This is an awesome game, it can't have any bugs! Anyway, since it's still in BETA state, I believe you. Please fill a detailed bug report. Don't forget to submit the patch too:P

Because you need to pay 1.000.000 USD:P To enter the Hall of Fame page, first you need to be a registered player. Once you complete the NASA tests and your account has been approved by the FDA, keep playing as hard and as many times as possible. Once your mouse button is exploded, then and only then you may have a chance to enter the Hall of Fame list.

Yes, all you have to do is to expand "Options" () from main page and select "Yes" at "Private room". Type the room name that you wish, a password and give those 2 to your friend. Click "Play" and you are ready.

Yes, after the game ends, click "Rematch" button on your right, just under the score. The other player will be notified. If he/she's up to the challenge, he/she also needs to click "Rematch" button. If he/she presses the "Restart Game" button, then the challenge is off, and will start another game. (But who knows, you may bump to each other again:P)

Are you sure it's a star? Perhaps you have been playing so much that you are just seeing things:P No you are perfectly fine. The star means that this player is registered, if you move your mouse over it, you will also see his ranking. On the other hand, the star doesn't mean that this game is ranked. This has been explained on another question of another dimension on another universe:P

It's horrible, I know, but there is no mobile app at the moment. On the other hand, it has been tested and it's working great with chrome (version 47) on android, and I guess on iOS too. Unfortunately, firefox (at least ver 25) and safari (even latest version 9) browsers seem laggy, so they don't work well.
TIP: Try rotating (landscape) your device, to make it fit in your screen. Keep in mind that zooming is disabled and that the minimum recommended screen size is about 5 inches or more.

Sorry about all this, I have plans to make it more mobile friendly. Donations are known to speed up things a bit, just kidding:P

Yeah, this is important. Please do what you are told or your computer may explode!:P It's because there has been an update, which you will get as soon as you reload the page.

Just spread the word through all social networks, colleagues, family, friends even enemies. Oh, don't forget the aliens too:) The more you are the merrier.

This may be due to a number of things. Usually the other player disconnected deliberately or not. Another reason could be a temporary network problem between players or the server. Please try again or in a few moments. In case there is an issue with the server the elfs will fix it, or else...!

Yes of course. To name a few: more cool drops (not but bombs and erasers), extra weapons exchangeable with your energy points, more than 2 players per game, color/board size selection, avatars, chat, clans, tournaments, mobile app...

You need to go to the closest tax office of your town and...no, I'm kidding:P Just send me a message.